Parents and caregivers want what is best for their children. They want them to enjoy the benefits of healthy food, active play and limited screen time. However, for the 60% of American children who spend time in early care and education programs, this is no guarantee.

In order to ensure that our children grow up in healthy environments, it’s clear that we need to establish clear standards that help these programs deliver what is best for our children to maintain a healthy weight and achieve lifelong health. This is where Voices for Healthy Kids comes in.

By working together with parents, caregivers, community leaders, policy-makers and child care providers, we can make sure early care and education programs provide healthy environments where kids learn to form positive habits around nutrition, physical activity and limited screen time.

Join us today by helping us create early care and education standards that will give all kids the building blocks for a healthy life.

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Washington Improves Early Childcare Environments!

Congratulations to Washington State for making early childhood education environments healthier through stronger nutrition, physical activity, and screen time standards!

December 11, 2018

TN Early Care and Education Regulations Approved!

New licensure regulations for Tennessee child care agencies have received final approval by the state attorney general and become effective on July 30, 2018!

May 8, 2018

North Carolina’s New ECE Nutrition and Physical Activity Standards

The Tar Heel State has adopted nutrition, physical activity, and screen time standards for both center and home-based Early Care and Education (ECE) providers!

October 30, 2017